Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Help Save ROTA Entertainment!

Our Story

ROTA Entertainment is an independent youth-led media company that aims to change the way young people are viewed in the global media. Founded by a group of charismatic young people across the globe in 2010; ROTA has been able to build global contacts through proper marketing, youth seminars, community events and social media forums.


The company has been able to produce some small scale community events in London and also successfully produce the UK hit show “Once upon a time in the 90s” which unfortunately must be shelved after only being able to do a two day showcase due to lack of cohesion and co-operation, and unprofessionalism from dishonest, manipulative and exploitative third parties who were involved in the production side of the project and wanted to take advantage of young people through Blackmail. These unfortunate events have led to the company losing a major deal that would have put the company on the map and help us set up bases in the United States and other parts of the world. All community projects have been cancelled and ROTA studios has been closed down until all payments can be made.

The devastating impact affects young people around the world who have put a lot of time and effort into promoting supporting and encouraging the company in hopes of seeing it grow and eventually expand to help them have a voice in their respective country of residence. Unfortunately this financial setback has lead to all project being shelved thus causing the entire team to be redundant and the company to face legal action from funders who believed in our vision enough to make a sacrifice so great as bring our masterpiece to life.

What We Need & What You Get.

We urgently seek to raise the immediate amount of $8000 (More if possible to continue future projects) to prevent our company from being shut down. The youth had a voice in ROTA as their ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings and situations were presented in an entertaining and educating manner. All donations would be broken as stated.

$2000 - would go into paying 3 months rent to keep ROTA studios open in order for all rehearsals of future projects to go on. The benefit of having ROTA studios is that it gives the youth a place to meet and discuss. We also allow other young people to come and host meetings in the space where they can discover their own potential. Small community programmes like a sunday soup kitchen and a youth free breakfast club have often been carried out bu ROTA in order to extend our hand to the community.

$3000- would go towards the development of two of ROTA's future projects "Blood of a nation" and "Once upon a time in the 90s" - The benefit of productions is that they give the youth temporary employment and help them develop their creative skills in an environment for them by them. These productions help challenge the minds of our youth by providing them with alternative views of what they should be doing in society and not who they are perceived as.

$3000- Would go towards hiring a new production team of professionals in order to ensure that future projects are a success. We would negotiate contracts which would be handled by a professional solicitor in order for ROTA to be able to avoid any issues in the future. We plan to expand into both film and Television in order to reach a wider audience.

Your contribution allows us to continue to take our community projects as well as media projects to new heights. We will continue to train young people and challenge their thought process by putting on more seminars; not only in the London area but online, so it will be accessible to everyone.

If for any unfortunate reason we do not reach our funding goal; the company would have to shut down and some of the most inspiring stories would never be told. Your donation goes towards the youth
the future of our world lies in the hand of the youth of today; if they are not properly nourished this leads to all sorts of anti-social behaviour and problems to society. ROTA eradicates and challenges stereotypes that affect the self esteem of young people around the world but telling OUR story; we find a common ground, all the support ROTA provides cannot continue without your support.

Other ways you could help.

Please spread the word around via Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, Youtube etc Sharing is caring.

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