Saturday, 26 March 2011

Welcome Dear Friends, Fans and Supporters.

Hello Everyone,

I Diane Ifode; Founder and CEO of R.O.T.A Entertainment would like to officially welcome you to the future. I don't really have much to say right now because I am a little shy - yeah right lol. I am just a little busy but...

In the meantime, get in contact with our partner company Nubia Magazine and send them all articles, fashion tips, pictures and anything else you want printed.

Oh and get ready for our GREAT musical theatre piece "Once upon a time in the 90s" Written and directed by yours truly and acted by the most charismatic, talented and bright young cast I could ever have dreamed of working with. For more information on the production; check out our website -

Want to get involved and get your work produced or join our team? Send us a message by joining or mailing list or email us on

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 Twitter - @Rotaent
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LinkedIn - Rota Entertainment.

This revolution would be televised.

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